Our Mission


Reinventing a new economic pact to encourage the efforts made by Francophone businesses for stable and sustainable development growth.


Intensify bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Francophile companies throughout the world while ensuring their autonomy, to ensure sustainable development.


Promote the know-how of Francophile businesses around the world, to ensure visibility of their know-how necessary for their emancipation.


Establish a climate of trust between Francophile companies in order to pool their capacities, share knowledge and know-how responsibly.


Facilitate the exchange and reconciliation of Francophile businesses.


Consolidate Francophile businesses and make them accessible and competitive to market access.

Groupement du Patronat Francophone

29 rue de Bassano
75008 PARIS

01 43 95 26 06
01 43 53 41 80

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