Depuis 2018, le GPF est présidé par Jean-Lou Blachier qui s’est donné comme objectif de contribuer à faire de l’espace francophone, une zone de croissance et d’échanges économiques, où chaque nation francophone et francophile est dans un rapport « Gagnant/ Gagnant ».

Le GPF organise régulièrement des évènements dans le but de renforcer les liens entre les pays de la Francophonie et contribuer ainsi à créer de la croissance et de l’emploi principalement auprès des PME.

Dear friends,

The purpose of the Groupement du Patronat Francophone is to keep the Francophonie alive in business.

I wanted to surround myself with women and men united by the same desire to promote businesses within this great economic zone.

According to the latest studies, by 2050, French will be the first language spoken in the world. It is up to us to make it an asset in the business world.

Like the «silk road» initiated in the 19th century, let us build together, the «road of knowledge».

By relying on our unifying language, our culture, our engineering schools, our research, we can build a common prosperity.

From Europe to Africa, from the East to the Indian Ocean to the Americas, this “francophone route” will be:

  • The Art Route

  • The Road to Knowledge
  • The Culture Route
  • The road to new technologies
  • And of course, the road to economic and financial exchanges.

The GPF that I have the honour of chairing will help promote the economic Francophonie and the values we share.

Jean-Lou Blachier
President of the Groupement du Patronat Francophone

  • Members of Governments
  • Embassies
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Presidents of Regions
  • Private and Public Investors
  • Employers' organisations
  • Economic Leaders
  • Enterprises (Smes and Large Groups)

  • Start-Ups
  • Cultural Organizations

  • Universities
  • Foundations
  • Associations


Support companies that want to internationalize and give them access to new markets


Pooling knowledge, assets and means of economic actors


Intensify bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Francophone businesses around the world


Facilitating access to international markets for French-speaking companies (Groups, Smes, Ises, Associations, Foundations, etc.)


Promote the know-how of Francophone businesses to increase their visibility


Bringing together economic players around Francophone values.