Groupement du patronat francophone®

Economic synergies


New opportunities with the GPF

The GPF aims to promote exchanges and knowledge sharing between companies and major economic players in French-speaking countries.

The group wants to be a real partner and support to companies and in particular SMEs wishing to internationalize.

With its international influence, the GPF wants to facilitate contacts of businesses in the French-speaking world with national institutions, global and major donors.

The 1st French-speaking business network

Leader on the international scene, the GPF is a group of business leaders dedicated to the French-speaking area.

Bringing a new era to Francophone employers
Re-invent a new economic pact
Strengthen the mercantile dimension of Francophone businesses around the world
Promote and facilitate the emergence of Francophone and Francophile businesses
Enhance the potential of public / private partnerships

Are the missions set by its President :


Fostering the innovation of Francophone entrepreneurs

The GPF wants above all to value the Francophonie by its history, its values as well as the French language, cement of its mercantile and cultural exchanges.

Real springboard, the GPF unites and values the initiatives and innovation of entrepreneurs, members of the association.

The common denominators of solidarity and equity are put forward to increase expansion and employment in member companies.

By building on the dynamism of young people, women and men, by training them, business leaders benefit from their professionalism and contribute to the development of their society and the stability of their country.

A gateway to unexplored markets

The GPF is a real economic vector by bringing together and supporting businesses in Francophone and Francophile countries. This organization wants to create synergies and new sources of growth favorable to all players in the business world.

Organizing bilateral meetings or international events, providing its members with specialized documents and articles, the GPF facilitates the access of its members to new markets.

With its network and its members, the GPF allows the meeting between companies and international investors from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America through its meetings and tools such as FAOS.

The Francophonie

Francophonie refers to all individuals and institutions that use French as the language of first socialization, language of use, administrative language, language of instruction or language chosen.

million speakers approximately in 2018
0 %
of world population and GDP
0 %
of trade exchanges
> 0 %
of growth
million speakers in 20150
billion euros for French-speaking public markets
member countries

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